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Ingredients have been added to tobacco since the 16th century.

Tobacco Ingredients

British American Tobacco would like consumers and governments to know the facts about
ingredients used by our companies in the manufacture of cigarettes, cigars, roll-your-own tobacco, pipe tobacco and smokeless snus.

The primary component of all our companies’ products is of course tobacco and the character, flavour and aroma is determined mostly by the tobaccos used.

In fact, cigarette brands can contain many kinds to tobacco - blending different types of leaf from many growing regions and harvests.

Small quantities of other ingredients have been added to tobacco products for hundreds of years - helping to control moisture levels, maintaining product quality or acting as binders or fillers.

Certain food-type ingredients, or flavourings, are added to balance the natural tobacco taste, often replacing sugars lost in the curing process.

Several of the flavourings used are recognised food stuffs such as sugar, while others are derived from natural herbs and spices or their essential oils.

Consumers like choice and ingredients allow manufacturers to widen the variety on offer and compete for custom.

Exploring the myths

Some anti-tobacco groups claim that ingredients are used to make smoking more appealing to children and more addictive.

Through the World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, an international treaty, the activists would like to see broad-based ingredients bans by governments worldwide.

British American Tobacco would like to stress that:

Because we are aware of the existence of several myths surrounding tobacco ingredients, and because we are aware of the increasing public interest regarding this issue, Carreras Limited (British American Tobacco Caribbean & Central America) provides specific information on products manufactured and/or marketed in the Region. There are two different types of information:

Blended versus unblended cigarettes

Smokers in countries such as Canada, Australia and the UK have historically preferred the taste of Virginia-style cigarettes which contain few or no ingredients.

In the US and Germany, for example, smokers prefer cigarettes that blend different types of tobaccos and use ingredients. Such brands are known as US blended.

If the allegations about addictiveness and attractiveness of ingredients had any basis in fact, you would expect to see higher take-up rates for smoking, lower rates for quitting and higher incidences of tobacco-related diseases in US blended markets. Yet, this is not the case.

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