Responsible marketing

We have adopted self-regulation for the marketing and advertising of our products.

At Carreras we believe in upholding high standards of corporate behaviour. We agree that the tobacco industry should be regulated, but we also think we should be able to communicate in a responsible way with adult tobacco consumers about our products, in order to grow market share.

We have adopted British American Tobacco’s International Marketing Principles which provides a consistent and responsible approach to the marketing of our products. The Marketing Principles ensure our approach reflects developments in marketing, technology and changing regulations and stakeholder expectations.

The Marketing Principles comprise four core principles which we believe are at the heart of responsible tobacco marketing. The rationale for each principle is explained and illustrated by a set of core standards which show how they should be applied in our communications with consumers.

The Marketing Principles outline what all BAT Group Companies, like Carreras, must consider when planning their tobacco marketing activities, but they do not offer standards for every activity. Where no standard is expressly provided, judgement must be exercised in the application of the Marketing Principles to the activity concerned.

Our four core principles are:

  1. Our marketing will not mislead about the risks of smoking.
  2. We will only market our products to adult smokers.
  3. We will not seek to influence the consumer’s decision about whether or not to smoke, nor how much to smoke. 
  4. It should always be clear to our consumers that our advertising originates from a tobacco company and that it is intended to promote the sale of our tobacco brands.

Local laws

The International Marketing Principles are our minimum standard and will be applied even when they are stricter than local laws. However, if local laws or other voluntary codes in markets are stricter than or override our Marketing Principles, then we will abide by those laws or voluntary codes.

Where local laws are less strict we promote higher standards generally, as well as a level competitive playing field, and ask governments to embody our Principles or similar provisions into local law.